Frequently asked questions

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Why should I sign up for a Mealpractice account?
A Mealpractice account allows you to build a recipe book of your core meals, create weekly menus, generate shopping lists, and follow others to discover new recipes.
Is Mealpractice free?
Yes! Currently the site is 100% free to use. Though we reserve the right to charge for premium features in the future.
Why should I add my recipes to your site?
Mealpractice is designed to make adding your favorite recipes as effortless as possible. If you choose to publish those recipes Mealpractice will attribute the recipes to you on a dedicated web page. Each public recipe is optimized for search traffic to give your recipe maximum visibility.
Can I add recipes from other sites to my account?
Yes, but only the basic ingredients. The directions must be re-written in your own words and you must own the copyright to all images uploaded to this site. For more details see our terms of use at
Do I have to make my recipes, meals, and menus public?
No! Mealpratice allow you to choose whether to publish your profile and/or activity.
Will you sell my information?
Never! You can read more on our privacy policy at